About “Maryland Deathfest: The Movie” out now on DVD

For better, worse, or indifference, Maryland Deathfest: The Movie is on DVD.

We wanted to capture some part of what it was like to watch all of the bands at Maryland Deathfest VII, which took place Memorial Day weekend in 2009 in Baltimore. We took pains to represent every band who gave their consent to be in the film. Two bands for which we didn’t have video, we featured the audio.

Grace from Landmine Marathon was one of two interviewers who spoke to bands, fans, and security, local people and international travelers who came to experience some or all of the then-latest installment of the festival series. Selections from those conversations are featured on the disc.

At the same time we were selling the DVD at our booth and screening the film throughout the Maryland Deathfest VIII weekend, Handshake Inc.’s expanded camera crew was filming the festival to create another movie to release next year. Several bands had us film their entire sets so they could release DVDs, and we interviewed many bands, attendees, and festival workers for another interview reel for next year’s edition.

We’ve already decided on the trip back home after the festival that this documentary that we shot at MDF VIII has to be better in every way from the first film we just released. And we believe it will be.

Maryland Deathfest: The Movie is out now. And you can order it on DVD as well as the movie poster here.

Last May, a ten-person crew – led by myself and my business/creative partner Dave Cardoso – headed to Baltimore to film three days of underground metal insanity. Close to 60 of the most relevant and brutal acts in underground metal played for 3000 adoring fans. We filmed every band we could and accumulated over 80 hours of footage. Since June 18th, 2009, I’ve been editing, getting in touch with labels and bands, getting release forms and permissions, dealing with damaged audio files, and doing my best to create a film that is going to please some of the most critical fans on the planet and be of high artistic merit. So yes, the MDF film is coming. It’s almost done, and it’s gonna screen continuously and be for sale at MDF 2010. It’s a raw, gritty, and incredibly real portrayal of the festival. And if nothing else, the movie is a testament to the amazing time I had at MDF, and a tribute to America’s biggest metal party of the year and all the people who made it happen.

– David Hall


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