Maryland Deathfest: The Movie is Out Now

Maryland Deathfest: The Movie is Out Now

…as well as a movie poster from the cover of the DVD case. The movie is about three hours in length, covering the three days of Maryland Deathfest VII from 2009, and we’ve added an interview reel of bandmembers, fans, and even club security as a bonus.

Putting this movie together involved a lot of late nights, long distance phone calls, hair pulling and arm twisting, and frankly we’re glad to see the back of it. But we’re also proud of all of the work we poured into the project, and how much the look and feel of the film changed from start to finish.

It was a fine day when the Handshake Inc. film crew arrived at the Sonar in Baltimore, site of the last several Maryland Deathfests, on the day of the pre-fest party that kicked off Maryland Deathfest VIII this year, to find that the shipment of DVDs and posters had arrived as scheduled. With DVD player, projector, and screen in hand, we set up our booth outside, stacked up the DVDs on tables, and began screening the film for all who cared to sample the film as they passed from or to the gate.

Many who pre-ordered the film online came to booth and went with a copy of the film and a poster in their hands, along with the t-shirts, CDs, cups of beer, and whatever else they carried.

Interested parties can order not only the DVD but the poster through

Links to reviews of the DVD to come.


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